JARO Glasshouse Projects can supply both brand new greenhouses as well as modern used greenhouses. Our used greenhouses meet required standards and requirements of all new greenhouse guidelines and regulations. Whilst designing the greenhouse, your requirements are always top priority in order to provide the perfect solution for you and your company’s needs. During the designing process,climate conditions, crop, light invasion and energy control are also taken into consideration which enables us to offer the most suitable type of greenhouse for each specific use. Specialised and skilled construction teams carry out each project. With a collaboration of years of experience we are an industry leading team able to advise you on the best solutions for your project. kb 02 kb 06 kb 08 Worldwide the “Venlo” greenhouse is the most constructed type of greenhouse. Initially constructed at a bay width of 3,20 m., but nowadays they are often 4,00 m. or 4,80 m. with trellis girders varying from 6,40 m. up until 20,00 m. Typically, the section lengths often applied are 4,50 m. and 5,00 m. The “Venlo” greenhouse is compatible with several different types of ventilation systems.  

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